Number 1 real estate ecosystem in Vietnam

Pomahome is comprised of 4 solutions with the goal of accelerating digital transformation in business management and real estate development in Vietnam.

Pomahome BMS

Admin Website for building management committee / PMCs

Information of building and customers can be automatically synced from Pomahome Broker to Pomahome BMS.

Application for Residents / Homebuyers

Provide homebuyer with account to access Pomahome BMS to:

BUYING stage:

  • Follow building construction progress and payment progress
  • Receive notification from developer

LIVING stage:

  • Receive notification from Building Management Committee
  • Making a building service appointment
  • Monthly bill payment


A consulting system for Developers and Homebuyers.

We provide survey service, data collection, and analysis for real estate developers.

Our website with thousand of reviews and feedback from the residents living in the buildings. Helping homebuyers easily capture the product insights and make appropriate home-buying decisions.


Add-in service & advertising.

Web portal Listing and marketing for real estate projects.

Pomahome Broker

Helps optimize the real estate sales process both in terms of time and cost.

The system allows developers and brokers to store and record the sales stages and processes to help the purchase and sale take place transparently and conveniently, avoiding disputes that affect the investor’s reputation.

Core Value

Partners of Pomahome

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